App-native security & segmentation enables businesses with never-before-seen scalability, agility, and security.
All with minimal complexity and industry-leading performance. 

App-native security

Increasing cloud complexity slowing you down? Streamline your security process by securing apps in runtime, regardless of their language or platform. 

Safeguard apps in CI/CD

Unsanctioned and misconfigured apps make up 65% of all cloud data breaches. Eliminate security vulnerabilities for new DevOps deployments with no slowdowns. 

Zero-policy segmentation

Stop wasting hours on manual segmentation policies. Avocado automatically ringfences and secures app communication as they launch, no tuning necessary.  

App-native security, compliance, and segmentation
for any language, any architecture, and any platform.

Comprehensive Security Platform

Distributed enterprise-grade application security at scale that dynamically responds to changes in architecture.

App-Native Firewall

Full IPS & IDS security capabilities built natively into each application, no matter where it is.

Cloud Migration

Eliminate cloud vulnerabilities due to misconfiguration errors and backdoors with auto-deployed app protection.


Continuous Threat Visibility

Runtime app discovery with deep-dive app and process dependency mapping. Track threats globally and internally.

One-touch Pico-Segmentation

Maximize segmentation granularity with none of the slowdowns. Fine tune policies as desired, not as needed.

Complete Compliance

Automate compliance enforcement & reporting in data centers and clouds. Fully PCI, HIPAA, SOC-2-type-ii, and PII capable.

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Our Customers

“We wanted a solution that could provide security with negligible involvement from our team. Avocado Security Platform secured our applications hosted on AWS and provided full support without buying expensive security appliances.”

- Rishi Shah, AptusCare CEO

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