App security & segmentation,
cloud-native & beyond.

Agentless, app-native security & segmentation for scalability, security, and organizational agility.
Built for hybrid-cloud, containerized, on-prem, and third party management all on one platform.

App & Data Security that Lasts.

Hybrid-cloud deployments, containers, and microservices are constantly changing.
Get security that lasts by automatically building native application security against east-west and north-south attacks.


AFWERX, the Us Air Force’s high-tech Innovation Hub, recently selected Avocado Systems to secure their enterprise-level cloud and data infrastructures..

Agentless security everywhere

Increasing cloud complexity slowing you down? Streamline your security process by securing apps in runtime, regardless of their language or platform. 

Safeguard apps in CI/CD

Unsanctioned and misconfigured apps make up 65% of all cloud data breaches. Eliminate security vulnerabilities for new DevOps deployments with no slowdowns. 

Zero-policy segmentation

Stop wasting hours on manual segmentation policies. Avocado automatically ringfences and secures app communication as they launch, no tuning necessary.  

App-native security, compliance, and segmentation
for any language, any architecture, and any platform.

Agentless Security Platform

Distributed enterprise-grade application security that dynamically responds to changes in architecture.

App-Native Firewall

Full IPS & IDS security capabilities built natively into each application, no matter where it is.

Cloud Migration

Eliminate cloud vulnerabilities due to misconfiguration errors and backdoors with auto-deployed app protection.


Continuous Threat Visibility

Runtime app discovery with deep-dive app and process dependency mapping. Track threats globally and internally.

One-touch Pico-Segmentation

Maximize segmentation granularity with none of the slowdowns. Fine tune policies as desired, not as needed.

Complete Compliance

Automate compliance enforcement & reporting in data centers and clouds. Fully PCI, HIPAA, SOC-2-type-ii, and PII capable.

Avocado Partner Network

Our Customers

“We wanted a solution that could provide security with negligible involvement from our team. Avocado Security Platform secured our applications hosted on AWS and provided full support without buying expensive security appliances.”

- Rishi Shah, AptusCare CEO

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