Deep Context-Aware Observability and Security for all Applications and APIs

Discovers, monitors, protects apps, APIs and cloud workloads with deep observability, unique process-level micro-segmentation Learn more
Forrester’s Take on Avocado:
“[Avocado] excels at process-level security. Avocado ringfences at the process level, providing an extra level of Zero Trust granularity. Avocado is one of the only vendors that stops attackers using shell exploits and other payloads from moving laterally across explicitly allowed layer 4 paths. [Avocado] is ideal for organizations that need deep protection on critical applications.” Customer Feedback in the Report: Avocado’s customers appreciate the interprocess view of applications not available in other tools and the ability to provide protection without changing the applications themselves.
Instantly Discover & Map Dependencies Automatically discover and map all application and process dependencies, including data exchange.
Deep Session Forensics Capture app changes, threat movement and application vulnerabilities in development and production environments.
Visualize, model and manage risk in real time Contextualize application attributes and forensics with your preferred visualization tools for any app, any platform.
Until now, it was nearly impossible to model & manage cyber risk for an entire application portfolio.
We have thousands of dynamic and legacy applications with countless interdependencies that are constantly changing. Staying ahead is enormously costly and time consuming, and the end result is still imprecise. Fari Ebrahimi – Fmr. CIO, Akamai
Process-Level Zero Trust Contain threats at the smallest definable threat surface by creating microscopic perimeters around application subprocesses.
Agentless Application Security Inject runtime controls natively into application subprocesses, enabling self-learning threat detection and automated remediation, no matter the language or architecture.
Runtime Policies, Automated Automatically protect your data against east-west attacks with no manual intervention and near-zero false positives.
Avocado Protect
Instantly identify, contain and remediate threats
Agent-based signature, memory and behavioral detection solutions are not capable of dealing with vast attacks surfaces and laterally moving persistent threats.

Without a foundational change in attack detection, zero-day and mis-configuration related attacks will continue unabated.
Perimeter controls, pattern recognition, memory scanning, high level Zero Trust and segmentation approaches are incapable of effectively handling the scale and persistency of today’s cyber criminals. Avocado’s advanced solutions are purpose-built to do just that. Martin Ingram – CIO, Avaya
SolarWinds is not the only backdoor into your enterprise.
Secure all your applications automatically, not just the ones that have already been compromised. Stop lateral movement today