Current approaches using network appliance based application security segmentation are proving to be resource intensive, inadequate for applications separation, access controls and East-West threats interception leaving business sensitive data exposed.

Avocado Security Platform is a concept of embedding Application Security Service Functions into the application itself. It is intended to stay with the application in real time to monitor, intercept and mitigate attacks on application. It is not static analysis of application source code.

Avocado Security platform provides “Deterministic Application Security Functions”. Thus, bringing the security stack literally into the application, enabling applications to secure themselves and carry the security stack with themselves when they migrate to cloud environment.

One Touch Segmentation

Deterministic threat detection at the web, application and database tiers.

Zero Policies

Highest resolution application of the pico segmentation without any policy.

Platform Agnostic

Bare metal, virtualized, containerized, and server-less platforms.

The Fantastic Four

Application Auto-Discovery, Deterministic Security, Compliance and Migration to Cloud.

Avocado Security Platform

This includes Distributed Deterministic Security (DDS) plugins, Security Orchestrator and Z-Ray. DevOps integrated deployment can massively scale to protect application instances on any platform in any datacenter or any cloud.

Avocado DSS Plugins

Creates automatic plugins to applications to provide security segmentation and compliance enforcement points that intercepts & kills threats, collects forensics and statistics from cyber-attacks for compliance and reporting.

Avocado Security Orchestrator

Virtual Appliance which orchestrates security management, visualization and compliance. Performs app auto discovery & configuration. Providing complete programmability through RESTful APIs and scripted interface for SecOps and DevOps.

Avocado Z-Ray

End to end app security and visualization. Giving real-time experience of security dynamics. The orchestrator collects the logs, events and forensics from all DDS Plugins across the data center. Feeding it for threat intelligence sharing.

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