Advanced Threats continue to find ways in. The deluge of recent cyber-attacks has shown us that current approaches to detect and stop these attacks simply aren’t working. Modern Advanced Threats are designed to stealthful. The SolarWinds breach is a prime example of how Advanced Threats can dwell undetected for months or longer as they spread laterally throughout the datacenter and digital ecosystem.

Perimeter security, network-based Zero-Trust, and security analytics are valuable security controls, however they have fallen short in detecting and blocking Advanced Threats before they have a chance to wreak havoc. These controls are consistently ineffective when trusted systems are the ones that have been compromised. Threats need to be caught in the act, not after the fact. Avocado Systems AppXDR provides deep visibility into applications to catch and mitigate Advanced Threats at run-time, even on trusted systems.

In this webinar, we will introduce AppXDR and discuss how applying Zero Trust principles to individual application processes and data exchanges can effectively detect and protect against Advanced Threats.

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