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Native cloud/container security is a myth. Here’s why.

The unfortunate reality of cloud, container, and serverless adoption is the huge increase in attack surface. Companies work hard to secure and maintain these complex ecosystems, but as Unit 42 continues to show, things eventually slip through the cracks.
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Stolen credentials still seem authentic. What can we do?

Malicious attacks on behalf of stolen credentials are every CIO, CISO or CxO’s worst nightmare Stolen credentials are hard to detect, and subsequent malicious acts require deep forensics to discover
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Dangers of accidental open access to applications and databases

Sophisticated breaches require some effort on the part of hackers. Some of the easiest breaches are actually due to unfortunate events where applications or part of applications are accidentally left
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Marriott-Starwood: How can threats survive so long?

In yet another sensational announcement, Marriott International revealed that hackers breached its Starwood reservation system and stole the personal data of up to 500 million guests. The New York Times reported, “The
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Step up your security posture with real-time threat response

Incidence Response (IR) is a thought-provoking topic for discussions with CISO/CIOs and security architects. Consider a scenario where a burglary is in progress. The alarms are sounding and the monitoring
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Step up your threat detection with a deterministic security platform

Over the past few months, I have spoken withdozens of partners, customers, and security visionaries. Everyone believes that the data center and cloud security ecosystems are evolving rapidly. While everyone
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