Avocado's team consists of industry leading experts recognized in IT Security from IBM, Symantec, and Blade Networks, having amassed more than 150 worldwide patents between them in IT security, networking, machine learning and neural networks.

With the hyper-growth and ever increasing sophistication of security threats, traditional application security is no longer enough. Traditional threat protection methods are too complex, too slow and leave companies exposed through lack of protection against more sophisticated, targeted attacks. To guard against external and internal threats, applications and their communications must be fully protected in private (on-premise), public and hybrid cloud environments, containers, and more.

Getting there requires a new approach. An approach that moves from legacy behavior and signature based policies to deterministic threat detection. Avocado’s patented deterministic threat detection technology makes applications both intelligent, and ultimately, self-protecting. That’s why we created Avocado Systems. To protect web, application and database tiers against threats in real-time, not when it’s too late.

Avocado’s Threat Protection Platform is highly scalable and features breakthrough technology that monitors, detects, identifies, intercepts and mitigates threats across your entire application ecosystem. There are no policies to create or manage, no code modifications, no re-compilation or re-linking required and it generates zero false positives. All security functions including firewalls, IDS & IPS are incorporated into Avocado’s technology for distributed and scale out security.

Ensure your applications are protected 24 x7 with Avocado; the #1 Application Security Platform that’s revolutionizing threat protection with a simple, yet insanely intelligent deterministic approach to application and database security.

Leadership Team

Keshav Kamble

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Amitabh Sinha

Co-Founder, Vice President
Products & Customer Success

Michael Hodge

Vice President
Federal Sales

Girish Joag

Director of Engineering
India Operations

Rick Ottinger

Vice President,
Federal Sales

Advisory Board

Clive Surfleet


Mark Verbeck


Aniruddha Gadre


Alfred Grasso


Chetan Gopal


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