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Securing cloud workloads is one of the top initiatives for CISO’s worldwide. Stateless workloads using Containers or Serverless platforms like EKS Fargate from AWS, are expected to grow at 30% annually (Forrester, 2021).  Unfortunately, current runtime solutions for containers and microservices require the use of inefficient “sidecars” which notoriously burden teams with:

  • Extensive compute and memory resources
  • Complex configuration and container management
  • Limitations due to platform mechanics

Many companies are seeking a more simplified and efficient way to discover, control, and secure their cloud workloads across modern compute architectures.Using deep-penetration, platform-agnostic tools to discover and secure applications natively, Avocado Systems has announced a new solution designed exclusively for AWS & EKS Fargate environments.

Protect™ and Reveal™, the two flagship products from breakout vendor Avocado Systems, have been extensively integrated within EKS and Fargate, allowing for deep observability and runtime protection of the highly dynamic workloads used by these elastic ecosystems.

Viraj Parekh, the former Global Head of Product for Network Security and Virtualization at Verizon, says “API and microservice scalability are vital for enterprise businesses as they accelerate their move to Cloud. With Avocado’s security platform for AWS EKS and other managed Kubernetes platforms/services, enterprises can now scale application security elastically without operational overheads.”

AWS EKS customers can now use Avocado’s tools to discover, identify, classify, and protect workloads in on-prem, managed and fully managed Kubernetes clusters as they scale to meet demand:

  1. Continuously assess Application Risk with Avocado’s automated threat modeling integrations for OWASP Threat Dragon, Microsoft TMT, and ThreatModeler
  2. Enable runtime application protection for critical applications, including OWASP Top10 and Zero-Day vulnerabilities like the highly publicized supply chain attacks.
  3. Simplify microservice and API security architecture with a Sidecar-less approach
  4. Enforce NIST-compliant Zero Trust and Micro-segmentation for microservices, APIs, and monolithic workloads.
  5. Future-proof applications by introducing advanced Artificial Intelligence based IT Ops (AIOPS) controls as part of their zero-trust solutions.

John Lindsay, CTO of Bitwage, an innovative blockchain payroll and HR company, explained: ” APIs and microservice architecture are vital for the scalability of our technology. With Avocado’s Security Platform for AWS EKS and managed Kubernetes, we will be able to increase our application security scale elastically without operational overheads.”

“This unique combination of Avocado technologies allows AWS customers to now create a level of security unavailable until now,” explained CEO Chris Formant, “A simple and efficient end-to-end elastic system that will obviate the need for the imprecise and expensive solutions companies have had to resort to in solving their security issues.”

If you’d like to secure your workloads across any platform with a single point of control, schedule a 30-minute demo by reaching out to today.