Avocado Systems, the leader in autonomous application security, segmentation and compliance, announces the adoption of Avocado’s Security Platform by AptusCare to secure AptusCare’s applications on AWS’s cloud.

AptusCare’s CEO Rishi Shah said “We wanted a solution that could provide security with negligible involvement from our team. Avocado Security Platform secured our applications hosted on AWS and provided full support without buying expensive security appliances”.

As companies increasingly migrate applications to public clouds, security, compliance, and costs are “top of mind” concerns. Avocado Systems employs innovative, deterministic, autonomous segmentation technology to secure applications in cloud and data center environments. It prevents lateral movement of threats, such as zero-day attacks that have penetrated perimeter defenses. The Avocado Security Platform is fully optimized to keep the customer’s migration path smooth while helping them meet compliance requirements for PCI, PII, HIPAA, and others so they can continue to focus on their business goals…

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