Avocado Systems Awarded Five Patents for Innovative East-West Threat Detection and Elimination

Enabling Uniform Deterministic Security and Pico-Segmentation for Any Application, Any Architecture, Any Platform, and Any Cloud.

Milpitas, Calif., June 4, 2019 – Avocado announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded them with five new technology patents for its deterministic cloud security platform. These patents empower Avocado Security Platform with advanced, deterministic methods of runtime cyber threat identification and elimination. This recognition also enables Avocado to¬ help enterprises secure their applications and databases from cyber-attacks from within as well as from internet-based threats. These innovations outperform all traditional east-west security products, lowering overhead costs while making application and database security high-performing and highly scalable.

“Monitoring and eliminating threats with complete visibility into complex applications is critical for our Security Operations Centers (SOCs). Avocado Systems’ pico-segmentation method provides this visibility and security with ease of integration.” said Alfred Grasso, former CEO and President of MITRE.

Patents Awarded

  • US9952790B2 – Application security policy based on security profile exchange
  • US10148697B2 – Unified host-based security exchange between heterogeneous end point security agents
  • US10193930B2 – Application security capability exchange via the application and data protection layer
  • US10193889B2 – Data socket descriptor attributes for application discovery in data centers
  • US10270810B2 – Data socket descriptor-based policies for application and data behavior and security

Key Takeaways

Application Security via the Application and Data Protection Layer (ADPL)

Segmentation is only as strong as its weakest link. This patented ADPL technology applies robust, dynamic security to all enterprise environments by securing applications at the deepest level possible. This security is embedded into the application itself, meaning agentless, ultra-high-performance security across any platform. Learn More

Data Socket Descriptor Attributes for Application Discovery

Granularity is often sacrificed for easy installation, which means less visibility into applications and more ways for attackers to sideline your policies. By automating the process of application discovery, Avocado Systems dynamically employs security on every server, application, thread, user, and communication happening both inside and outside any system. Learn More

Application and Data Protection Tagging

Agents are slow and inelastic. Avocado enables dynamic, scaling security by embedding plugins into applications as they’re launched. Streamline deployment, cloud migration, and containerization without sacrificing security. Learn More

“Enterprises have long suffered from threats inside their environments, moving laterally while performing attacks and stealing data,” said Keshav Kamble, co-founder and CTO of Avocado. “Big or small, enterprise security professionals deserve strong ammunition to monitor, intercept and mitigate threats the moment they touch down inside the data center or cloud. We are passionate about enabling those capabilities with zero-interaction methods, allowing rapid, secure application scaling without adding any human, managerial, or even performance costs.”

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