vRASP™ Now Ready to Disrupt and Displace Existing East-West (Server-to-Server) Security Infrastructures in Data Centers and Clouds

Avocado Systems, the Silicon Valley innovator of next-gen application security for data centers and clouds, issued an outlook today — asserting that conventional cloud and data center security is set for major upheaval as a new breed of Runtime Application Self-Protection – aka RASP – becomes widely adopted.
“North-South traffic is the communication that occurs between server applications and their Internet-based client applications,” explains Avocado Systems CTO Keshav Kamble, holder of more than 150 patents in security, networking, virtualization and Hadoop. “East-West communication, on the other hand, represents the lion’s share of up to 80 percent of traffic generated by various application instances within data centers or clouds. The resulting attack surface and vulnerabilities require complex infrastructures, and a seemingly never-ending sprawl of expensive security appliances and services – to secure and scale enterprise applications.”…

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