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Black network switch with optical fiber cables

Kubernetes Security for AWS EKS Fargate – Automated by Avocado.

Securing cloud workloads is one of the top initiatives for CISO’s worldwide. Stateless workloads using Containers or Serverless platforms like EKS Fargate from AWS, are... Learn more
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Advanced Persistent Threats

Advanced Persistent Threats, What They Are, How They Work, And Examples

In short, APTs or advanced persistent threats are a broad category describing different attack campaigns during which the intruders manage to create a long-term illicit...
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Supply Chain Attacks

What Are Supply Chain Attacks, Examples, And How To Prevent Them

Supply chain attacks have become more prevalent lately to the point that they managed to damage vital US infrastructures in 2021. As a result, the...
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Shift-Left Security

Shift-Left Security – What it is And 5 Benefits

With cyberattacks getting more frequent, intricate, and often more severe, both developers and security experts need to be alert and continuously monitor their systems to...
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Remote Code Execution

Remote Code Execution – What Is It And How To Prevent It

Cyber attackers use an increasingly wide range of methods and techniques to exploit vulnerabilities in various organizational systems and get their hands on precious information...
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Container Security_ Best Practices and Ultimate Checklist

Container Security: Best Practices and Ultimate Checklist

Containers have managed to garner a lot of popularity in the past few years. Even back in 2019, sources reported that around 30% of corporations on...
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Continuous Threat Modeling

Continuous Threat Modeling – Benefits and Challenges

Threat modeling is a process that aims to identify, communicate, and ultimately understand different threats and mitigations within the network. The threat model is a structured...
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Software Micro-Segmentation

Software Micro-Segmentation: Five Benefits

Micro-segmentation is usually defined as a traditional network segmentation development, which allows the mitigation of several flaws associated with older techniques. Micro-segmentation improves east-west protection...
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Runtime Application Security Importance and Testing

Runtime Application Security: Importance and Testing

Runtime Application Security can be described as an advancing security technology that enables organizations to stop hacker attack attempts on their enterprise apps and sensitive...
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Technology security concept safety digital protection system

Automating Threat Modeling: Prevent Your Business Data Breach

Today, cyber threats and data breaches aren’t just terms reserved for sci-fi movies and highly niche industry circles. These breaches have become a grim reality,...
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