Avocado Protect

Breaches are inevitable. Losing everything isn’t.

Everyone gets breached. Defend your applications and data against modern, multi-faceted attacks by securing your environment from the ground up.
Your data could already be exposed: The majority of breaches abuse application vulnerabilities
Every recent attack I’ve seen quickly spreads laterally inside and between applications. Account takeovers, credential stuffing, RCE’s… they’re all part of an increasingly sophisticated game. Dr Frank Konieczny, Chief Innovation Officer at Patriot Cyber Defense, Former CTO of U. S. Airforce.
Modern breaches are sneaky.
One compromised app can expose everything behind your perimeter, allowing attackers unprecedented access to your business systems and critical data.
Avocado detects and remediates threats at the lowest definable threat surface within application subprocesses. No other solution is as granular and secure. Vic Bhagat - Fmr. CIO of Verizon & EMC
Countless ways to breach a perimeter Lateral movement is virtually undetectable Small gaps can mean big exposure
Unprecedented granular visibility, control, and containment
Detect & disable data exfiltration at the application level
Completely eliminate lateral threat movement
Quarantine threats at the smallest possible threat surface
Security at scale for legacy & modern applications
Runtime Discovery
Auto-discover production applications, workloads and subprocesses

Language, platform, and architecture agnostic: supports Linux, Windows, and Legacy applications
Automatic Segmentation
Automatically ring-fence & secure application subprocesses

The first Zero Trust solution designed for a realistic, dynamic build environment
Agentless Security
Seamlessly inject applications with deterministic, runtime security controls

IDS, IPS, and NGFW capabilities within every application, no agents required
Granular Control
Consolidated visibility & compliance

Granular control for microsegmentation, programmability, and integrations
Next-gen Security at Scale
Robust App & Data Security Drastically reduce risk exposure and eliminate lateral movement
Low-Touch Operations Streamlined with near-zero manual input and near-zero false positives
Automated Zero Trust Secure & Zero-Trust all application subprocesses with no manual policies
Don’t let one vulnerability take you down. Transform your App & Data security against modern threats today
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