Use Cases

Avocado has many implementations, but we've documented some of them in depth below.

Cloud Migration Security & Compliance

Cloud misconfigurations are the #1 cause of modern data breaches. These common attacks can be easily prevented with in-depth application security.

One-touch Segmentation Anywhere

Consolidate your cloud perspective with Zero-Trust and ML-based application segmentation on any platform, with one central orchestrator.

Elastic Security for Containers

Containers introduce a massive attack surface. Secure microservices at the process level during spin-up for seamless containerization.

Security & Compliance for Legacy Apps

Language-agnostic application security for complex enterprise architectures.


Technical explanations and analysis of specific platform capabilities.

Avocado Security Platform Datasheet

One-stop-shop summary of our use cases, product features, and technical capabilities.

PCI-DSS Compliance in the Cloud

In-depth summary of our PCI-DSS compliance control suite.

HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

In-depth summary of HIPAA compliance controls for healthcare applications and cloud providers.

Securing Applications in MongoDB

Explanation of security capabilities for MongoDB-based applications, including auto-discovery, pico-segmentation, deterministic security, and more.

Whitepapers & More

Technical explanations and analysis of specific platform capabilities.

Pico-segmentation & theory

Wondering what Pico-Segmentation is all about? Get the whitepaper here to learn more.

Complete ASP Whitepaper

Take a deeper dive into the full security, segmentation, and compliance suite of the Avocado Security Platform (ASP)

Healthcare Customer Case Study

Learn how one customer leveraged Avocado to fully automate secure application deployment on RedHat containers.

RedHat Partnership Guidebook

Avocado is partnered with and certified by RedHat for container deployment. Take a look inside to learn more.

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