avocado solutions


Avocado’s plugin builds security functions, segmentation policies, and compliance capabilities into apps natively,
enabling rapid & secure cyber initiatives for small and large companies alike.

FinTech, High-Tech, Healthcare, and Federal companies trust Avocado with:

Hyper-growth for business

Stop viewing security requirements as roadblocks to your business initiatives. Avocado secures apps and data everywhere with the lightest performance load in the industry. 

Do more with less

Harness the segmentation capabilities of a huge security team with none of the cost or slowdowns. Avocado applies ML-based “Zero Trust Plus” policies unilaterally. No need to maintain policies manually.  

Dynamic cloud migration

Modern attack surfaces are huge, with cloud misconfigurations causing 65% of all breaches. Avocado-secured apps defend themselves, even if attackers breach your cloud. 

Hyper-growth for infrastructure

High-tech, ultra-high-speed networks for FinTech, Cryptocurrency, and Enterprise companies use Avocado to auto-scale for every application on every platform, all in runtime. 

Secure apps for CI/CD

Test-deployed apps often have countless vulnerabilities, and are a huge attack target. Secure your apps during deployment so CI/CD doesn’t become your weakest link. 

Scalability with no hidden costs

Typical segmentation solutions have huge hidden cost for even minor infrastructure changes. Eliminate the need for manual policies, and scale your app ecosystem as fast as you need. 

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